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Your Fitness Photoshoot

To maintain a healthy body and mind, fitness has become a popular lifestyle choice and so are fitness photoshoots to showcase your dedication, hard work, and transformation. To take your fitness journey to the next level, booking your fitness photoshoot with Michael in his unique photography studio (see video below) offers numerous advantages.


Fitness Pure
  • 2 Fitness Themes
  • Unlimited Pictures & Poses
  • 0 Professional Make-Up & Hair Styling
  • 4 Outfit Changes (Not Provided)
  • 3 Airbrushed & Retouched Pictures
  • 1 Social Media Reel/Video
  • Up To 3 Hours Long in Total
  • Option To Buy Extra Pictures
£249 .99
include full makeover @£95
Fitness Pro
  • 3 Fitness Themes Inc Wet Look
  • Unlimited Pictures & Poses
  • 1 Professional Make-Up & Hair Styling
  • 5 Outfit Changes (Not Provided)
  • 10 Airbrushed & Retouched Pictures
  • Up To 4 Hours Long in Total
  • 2 Social Media Reels/Videos
  • Option To Buy Extra Pictures
£649 .99
inc. makeover!
Fitness Pro Plus
  • 2 Fashion/Lingerie Themes
  • 3 Fitness Themes Inc Wet Look
  • Unlimited Pictures & Poses
  • 2 Professional Make-Up & Hair Styling
  • 6 Outfit Changes (Not Provided)
  • 15 Airbrushed & Retouched Pictures
  • ALL Pictures Taken For Preview
  • Up To 5 Hours Long in Total
  • 3 Social Media Reels/Videos
  • Option To Buy Extra Pictures
£949 .99
inc. makeover!

Why Book With Us?

Below are just a few reasons why a photoshoot with us at our purpose-built studio can be a game-changer.

Professional Guidance and Expertise

Shooting in a private photography studio with dedicated gym equipment provides an ideal environment for capturing stunning fitness photographs with a professional photographer with experience in fashion and fitness photography.

Michael understands the nuances of capturing the perfect angles, lighting, and poses to accentuate your physique. With his guidance and expertise, you can be confident that your fitness photos will accurately reflect your hard-earned progress.

Fitness Photography

Boosted Motivation and Accountability

Booking your fitness photoshoot in our private studio can serve as a powerful source of motivation and accountability. By setting a date and investing in your photoshoot, you create a tangible goal that can drive you to push yourself harder during your workouts and adhere to your fitness regimen.

The anticipation of capturing the fruits of your labor in the form of stunning photographs can reignite your dedication and passion for fitness, helping you stay on track and surpass your own expectations.

Fitness Photography

Tailored Fitness Environment

In addition to a variety of studio backdrops and themes, our studio is equipped with gym equipments to offer you the advantage of a private fitness environment. Unlike public gyms where you may encounter distractions or limitations, shooting in our studio ensures privacy and freedom to create the ideal backdrop for your photoshoot.

The gym equipment can be arranged to suit your specific fitness routine or aesthetic preferences, allowing you to showcase your strengths and achievements in a visually captivating way.

Fitness Photography

Exclusive Access and Creative Possibilities

Booking a fitness photoshoot with us grants you the exclusive access to our studio facilities and fitness equipments.

Our studio also provides a versatile and customisable space for creating unique and visually striking fitness photographs. The studio's controlled environment enables experimentation with various lighting techniques, props, and backdrops, allowing you to infuse your personal style and creativity into the images. The combination of fitness elements and artistic expression can result in visually captivating photographs that tell a powerful story about your fitness journey.

Fitness Photography